Clever Conversations - June 1 2016

Clever Conversations - June 1 2016

Conversation Starter: Influence

Host: Stefanie McManus, The Clever Office - Owner/Operator


This Week’s Sponsor: Wayne Wood, Wayne Wood Design and Drafting – Owner/Operator
Today’s conversation was suggested by our sponsor, Wayne Wood Design and Drafting.
Wayne provided the following quote for today: “Care and diligence brings luck” Quote of the day, Cairo newspaper, Feb 1987
Pictured: Lucy Predota, Wayne Wood, Chantal Sky


Do you want to have influence? Do you have it? What do you wish to do with it? How far can you spread it? Do you need someone else to give you recognition for it?

It doesn’t take much self-reflection to see how vast the topic of influence can be:

  • Relationships from childhood to adulthood
  • Acceptance or rejection of influences from sources such as our peers
  • Repetition from advertisements
  • Method of media consumption

What does it all mean? Some of the take-away from today’s conversation is how innumerable our choices in this world are, how in the Western world there are massive opportunities to make choices and live our lives the way we WANT to live them... We have an insane amount of freedom to make the choice to accept or reject influences, from media & government, to the various relationships in our lives.

The positive influences you can seek out intentionally come from a variety of sources, such finding a mentor, coach or networking groups. The music you listen to and the games you play have an influence on you, and it can be very valuable to evaluate what those influences may be. Try turning off multimedia that doesn’t serve you, and tune into something that inspires you – Such as podcasts and articles from business or personal development sources (, Change your mind about something to discover a wider array of influences – For example, if you are uncomfortable with team sports, decide to join a team sport and change your perspective about them.

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Continue the Conversation with these Questions/Statements:

Questions/Statements are written out by the host based on the thoughts or triggers the host has, or based on the reaction of other attendees.

Here are 5 of the questions/statements from this week’s notes:

  • How are we influenced? Through repetitive messages - Advertising, parental advice...?
  • What is the goal of getting recognition? 
  • Long term influence - Do you lead by example?
  • People of influence DO have time for us (If you don't ask, you don't get) (Your influence goes as far as your drive & ambition to ask)
  • What filters do you have to accept or reject influence? Who do we allow to influence us? Who do we trust?

Book Recommendations: The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell, By Way Of Deception by Victor Ostrovsky