Clever Conversations - June 8 2016

Clever Conversations - June 8 2016

Conversation Starter: Resources of Questions

Host: Stefanie McManus, The Clever Office - Owner/Operator

 This Week’s Sponsor: Linda Milthorpe, Easy Family Health
Inspiration for this topic is based somewhat on the previous topic of Influence - How does the influence from our resources of intelligent questions reflect our progress in business and life? So.. What are the resources of those questions, how are they being of service to you?
Pictured: Linda Milthorpe, Rhea Burns


What are your resources of intelligent questions? Who or where do you go to find questions that help you with growth?

There are a few typical resources to find questions to ask ourselves, such as...

  • Parents/Guardians
  • Employers
  • Peers
  • Newspapers/media
  • Google Search

Where are other places you go to find questions that enable you and your business to grow? The questions that are uncomfortable, and push you to be more specific? Through the conversation we found a lot of value in really listening to our customers... If there are 3 or 4 questions you always get from new customers, there is a pain point that you can relieve before they approach you. What is the breakdown on why those same questions are being asked - Where is the break in communication or lack of access to information?

Although we can find questions through podcasts, researching on wikipedia, reviewing old encyclepedias, books, or even meditating to clear your mind and allow new thoughts to enter... Another strong resource of those intelligent questions comes from bidirectional conversations.

Don Lechance, who attended the conversation this week via Google Hangouts, speaks further about bidirectional conversation:

"There are always two parts to conversation: The active side = speaking, and the passive side = listening. Bi-directional conversation is a rarity because most people listen for a lull to take place so they can jump in with their story. Conversations are mostly held by two active people ie: talkers. The listening portion is where the real value lies, it's what equips us with the next series of questions. That allows us to not only engage with the person who is speaking but it's usually the place where we find the questions that help us peel back layers. We [the listener] can get to the resistance that is holding the [speaker] back."

In a bi-directional conversation, we will take turns listening and speaking. With over a year of hosting Clever Conversations, we have said "Listen to Understand, not to respond", in bidirectional conversations we could change the phrase to "Take Turns Truly Listening".

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Continue the Conversation with these Questions/Statements:

Questions/Statements are written out by the host based on the thoughts or triggers the host has, or based on the reaction of other attendees.

Here are 5 of the questions/statements from this week’s notes:

  • Is it fear or ego that keeps you from asking the hard questions and pursuing the answers?
  • What is your assumption of the response? Is the assumption keeping you from moving forward?
  • What habits are feeding us, that others may be able to point out?
  • Let others face what they need to face. Others may shine a light on a problem, but only they can find the answers.
  • Answers are available - When the right questions are uncovered.

Book Recommendation: The Art of Exceptional Living, Jim Rohn