The Argument for a Legal Shared Office

The Argument for a Legal Shared Office

When you’re focused on getting the best results for your clients, is cleaning your office on your radar? Are you thinking about your internet provider? If something happens with your printer, do you want to deal with that? NO!!!

The outcome of your hard work, dedication & focus is important. Issues with your service providers and equipment through your workday can slow you down. By sharing a professional office you eliminate basic concerns of a functional office. A shared work space manages the office & required services on your behalf.

There is also safety in numbers - If you are meeting with new clients, your home may not be the best place if there could be concerns over your family's safety.

Coworking spaces in general offer a variety of opportunities to meet these needs. Clever Office in Collingwood, Ontario offers the following:

  • The Law Office @The Clever Office (includes Mailbox, 24 hours Law Office Use per month +more)
  • Mailbox (register with Google Maps and Collingwood BIA)
  • Meeting Room (suitable for 4-6 people)
  • Alternate Area Code or Toll Free Phone Numbers so clients have an easier time accessing you
  • Comprehensive Reception Services - Even to just back-up your receptionist during breaks or Vacation.
  • Full service corporate office amenities throughout, including: WiFi; courier shipping/receiving; high speed photocopy/fax; audio/video conferencing; Smart TV display screens; projector; cerlox binding; photography; and much more.
  • Executive administrative professionals available on-site & virtually (Research, Microsoft Office document creation/editing, letter writing)

Contact The Clever Office for assistance finding a space that suits you.