Clever Conversations - June 15 2016

Clever Conversations - June 15 2016

Conversation Starter: 10 Things that take ZERO Talent

Host: Stefanie McManus, The Clever Office - Owner/Operator

This Week’s Sponsor: Ben Frisch, BFresh.Media
The topic was inspired by an image seen on Facebook, linked to Reddit - Click Here - on what takes 'zero' talent.
Pictured: Ben Frisch


When looking at the follow graphic, do you think about the 'talent' involved in these 10 items? Is it about attitude more than talent? Do your choices count more than talent? How much does the context matter?Some of the thoughts shared on a Reddit thread were introduced, including the first comment: "i am autistic. body language doesn't require talent, it requires fucking telepathy"

Is this infographic completely 'bass ackwards'? Does talent come from having an attitude that is energizing, preparing to do extra and putting in the effort? Being on-time to show your appreciation to your sports/life/business coach or other kind of mentor? There are factors that drive talent - You build talent by doing these things. I digress, lets focus on something different...

Understanding your personal "WHY" makes these 10 things easier - When you are passionate about something, it is easier to show up, easier to do extra, easier to find coaching/mentoring because you want... No, you NEED! to pursue your passion & gain the knowledge you need.

When you are in a position of authority - A role that provides you with opportunities to mentor... are you able to surrender to the fact that a mentee or employee struggles with any of these 10 traits? Can you give them space to figure out their passion, find out how persistant they can be, and to be resilient? Some roles require reliability, such as operating a reception area or being the individual responsible for opening a store... The argument can still be made that by surrendering to what is (i.e. an individual is not on-time) is it easier to make a decision to move them away from those responsibilities or terminate their employment.

Someone that SHOWS UP still wants to participate... What kind of discipline or consequences don't turn a person away, but they still have to attone for their actions? 

Without further conversation, graphics like the one above could be detrimental depending on the context of understanding... Someone who has low self worth &/or confidence may see a message like this and think... "Why can't I do these things, if they take zero talent, does that mean I'm useless?"

If graphics had a rating system, this may be PG - Conversation is needed to tickle out further context, which is what was seen in the Reddit thread. We are thinkers, and as such, I went looking for a different system of "ZERO Talent" and found it at Which do you think is more inspirational?

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Continue the Conversation with these Questions/Statements:

Questions/Statements are written out by the host based on the thoughts or triggers the host has, or based on the reaction of other attendees.

Here are 5 of the questions/statements from this week’s notes:

  • What is the community around a child/person to teach them these things? 
  • Can you compare passion to talent? How?
  • What is important to you?
  • Everything can be turned around - When you choose
  • A natural talent is breathing, surviving, and reproducing - Everything else is learned.

Book Recommendation:
Fish!: A Remarkable Way to Boost Morale and Improve Results, By Stephen C. Lundin, John Christensen, Harry Paul
The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom, By Don Miguel Ruiz