Clever Conversations - July 6 2016

Clever Conversations - July 6 2016

Conversation Starter: As an Entrepreneur, What's the Best Piece of Advice You've Ever Been Given?

Host: Rhea Burns, The Clever Office - Owner/Operator

This Week’s Sponsor: Garion Scott, The Crew
Rhea's had good mentors - Good advice and bad from parents, bosses, and other people in her life. She thought it would be interesting to hear the variatons others had to share!
Pictured: Ross in the back there, and Garion Scott holding Lavendar that Janet Auty-Carlisle brought in for everyone.

Wow! Rhea really brought out a great topic for Clever Conversations this week! We discussed not only the positive advice that we are given, but HOW we internalize the advice we are given. In the same line as our discussion on Analysis Paralysis, it is important to evaluate the advice you are being given against your goals - Does it help you achieve your goals? What is applicable to YOU, and how does it align with YOUR vision? 

Your mindset when listening to advice is really important - If you are open to advice, and can think critically about it, and then ALL advice is GOOD advice. What can you gain from it? Does the advice validate an idea, solidify an opinion, or challenge you to develop a better solution?

Being afraid of bad advice closes an opportunity to learn about a need or reevaluate how you are delivering your sales pitch. You can't please everyone - If the person giving you advice would NEVER use your what-cha-ma-call-it even if it was given to them by their hero, that person may not be the best to give advice or critisize unless they have a background in selling dozens of whoze-its and thing-a-majigs.

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Continue the Conversation with these Questions/Statements:

Questions/Statements are written out by the host based on the thoughts or triggers the host has, or based on the reaction of other attendees.

Here are 5 of the questions/statements from this week’s notes:

  • Let your family be your cheer leaders - Go to other business people or those with experience for advice that aligns with your goals
  • Fail Forward - When things are looking down, figure it out & move forward!
  • Do what you love to do - You can work through the night when you are passionate
  • Give yourself permission to have downtime / Be kind to yourself.
  • On our own, we add to our knowledge - By going to others, we can multiply & divide!

Book Recommendations:
Fail Forward, John C. Maxwell
Raving Fans, Ken Blanchard & Sheldon Bowles


Quote Today:

Rhea found this on

QUOTE: Call it reverse psychology, but it was an insult that motivated Corcoran to succeed. "It's kind of weird. The best advice was the worst advice," she told Business Insider's Henry Blodget. "It was from my boyfriend and partner in my first business when he told me I would never succeed without him. I was injured no doubt. But thank God he insulted me because I would not have built a big business without that. It kept me trying everything because I couldn't give him the satisfaction of seeing me fail. So the best advice was an insult."