Clever Conversations - Joyful Inner Child! - July 20 2016

Clever Conversations - Joyful Inner Child! - July 20 2016

Conversation Starter: Keywords and Jargon

Host: Stefanie McManus, The Clever Office - Owner/Operator

This Week’s Sponsor: Sandra Smart, The Talent Switch
Since it's the summer, and we're all having fun, and the kids are out at play, we might as well talk about how to tap into our JOYFUL inner child to benefit everyone around us!
Pictured: Elijah McCaffrey, JoAnne Fleming, Harold Zukerman, Ava Zaritzky


What happens when you tap into your joyful inner child? Do you give flowers and share beauty because it makes you smile? At what age does it get stamped out of us - At what age do we believe that we can't be joyus?

What choice do you make to tap into your inner child, and let that kind of freedom bloom? It's within us, this joyful place, how much time do you want to spend in that place? If you are grown up, can you still do that? YES!

Yes, you grow through adversary, can you have fun while growing too? YES. There is a lot to be said of having compassion and feeling joyful in anothers' joyful inner child showing up - Are you able to put down your judgement and enjoy each others' freedom of expression?

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Continue the Conversation with these Questions/Statements:

Questions/Statements are written out by the host based on the thoughts or triggers the host has, or based on the reaction of other attendees.

Here are 5 of the questions/statements from this week’s notes:

  • We have a choice to play or allow ourselves to get stagnant - What are you demonstraiting?
  • Organized sports - How aware are you of HOW you are allowing your kids to be kids? Are you organizing too much?
  • The work that gets put into our child-like pursuits IS joyful and apprecaited!
  • Give & Share Beauty that brings you Joy!
  • Things like drones and adult colouring books tap into our need to play!


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